Fforest Fawr Sculpture Trail


It’s been over two years since Simon O’Rourke installed the new sculpture trail in Fforest Fawr. Simon has shared his initial sketches for the carvings and I take a look at how the sculptures have changed.

Drawing of a sculpture of a timeline on a carved tree trunk
© Simon O’Rourke
Wooden sculpture of some animals and a timelineWooden sculpture of animals and a timeline

When I spoke to Simon during the installation he explained that the sculptures would change colour quite dramatically over time. Back in 2018 the wood was quite a bright pink but just a year later the sculptures had darkened and blended into the woodland setting.

Drawing of a sculpture of a collection of trees and forest animals
© Simon O’Rourke

Most of the sculptures ended up looking very close to Simon’s original sketches.

Drawing of a sculpture of a wolf on a rockWooden sculpture of a howling wolf

Here are a few more of the original designs.

The beautiful red deer is the only sculpture that’s significantly different from the concept art. Sadly, the red deer has suffered quite a bit of damage to its antlers since that photo was taken.

Drawing of a wooden sculpture of a red deer
© Simon O’Rourke
Wooden sculpture of a red deer

The sculptures looks fantastic with their intricate detail and rich colours. It’s great to see visitors enjoying the trail and it puts a smile on my face every time I visit the forest.

Massive thanks to Simon for letting me share his images.

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