181 Pieces by Debra Allen

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After six long years of hard work, the output from my final project as an undergraduate student on the BA (Hons) Photographic Practice course at Cardiff Metropolitan University is finished! It’s on display at The Senedd until June 4th, and at Cardiff Metropolitan University’s Llandaff Campus on Western Avenue until June 1st, along with work … more…

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The Church Behind the Tree

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Hello, I am Stephen Best, and Bethesda URC called me as their Transitional Minister in September 2016. My role is help the congregation find a new relevance and purpose to its presence in the village. Churches are emotional systems and so any change which is lasting, must be based upon change at the heart of … more…

The Green Fingered Blog

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Do you like gardens? I haven’t met many people who would answer no to that question. There are many different types of garden however, and everyone has their own favourite. Do you admire a chic urban courtyard or an old fashioned cottage garden? Do you fantasise about an immaculate lawn to match Centre Court, or … more…