Tongwynlais has a rich and fascinating history for such a small part of Cardiff. Explore the people, places and events that have shaped our village.

Thanks to Carol Spackman, Steve Nicholas and John Bulpin for kindly sharing their photos. (See caption for credit)


Castell Coch
Castell Coch – John Bulpin
Iron Bridge
Iron Bridge – John Bulpin
Old Bridge
Old Bridge – John Bulpin
Merthyr Road
Merthyr Road – John Bulpin
Old Cottages
Old Cottages – John Bulpin
Castell Coch Cottages
Castell Coch cottages – Carol Spackman
Castell Coch from Ynys Bridge
Castell Coch from Ynys Bridge – Carol Spackman
The Square, Tongwynlais
The Square, Tongwynlais – Carol Spackman
Cae Lewis, Tongwynlais
Cae Lewis – Carol Spackman
Tongwynlais and Castell Coch
Tongwynlais and Castell Coch – Carol Spackman
Pantgwynlais, Tongwynlais
Pantgwynlais – Carol Spackman
Tongwynlais Merthyr Road
Merthyr Road – Steve Nicholas
Tongwynlais Merthyr Road
Merthyr Road – Steve Nicholas
Tongwynlais Merthyr Road
Merthyr Road – Steve Nicholas
Tongwynlais Merthyr Road
Merthyr Road – Steve Nicholas
The Square Tongwynlais
The Lewis Arms – Steve Nicholas
Ivy Cottage Tongwynlais
Ivy Cottage – Steve Nicholas
Castle Road Tongwynlais
Castle Road – Steve Nicholas

Castell Coch

Front of Castell Coch postcard
Castell Coch postcard – Tongwynlais.com
Castell Coch
Castell Coch – Carol Spackman

Walnut Tree Viaduct

Dismantling the Viaduct
Dismantling the Viaduct – John Bulpin
Old Viaduct
Old Viaduct – John Bulpin
Tongwynlais – John Bulpin

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