Castell Coch

Cardiff’s Fairytale Castle

“The ‘eccentric genius’ William Burges was given free rein by his paymaster, John Patrick Crichton-Stuart, the 3rd marquess of Bute, to create a rural retreat to complement the opulence of his main residence, Cardiff Castle. He didn’t hold back. Dazzling ceilings, over-the-top furnishings and furniture were liberally applied.
Detailed architectural drawings still survive today and following Burges’s death in 1881, colleagues faithfully continued work on the interiors for another ten years. The castle was not suitable for, nor was it intended to be, a permanent residence and the family’s visits were infrequent.”


Cadw have introduced a new scheme that replaces the previous resident pass. The new “Monument Pass” can be obtained from Cadw’s website. With the new pass you can visit your favourite site as often as you like over a three-year period for £6 per person.

Admission prices and up to date information can be found on Cadw’s Castell Coch page.



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Castell Coch 125 header

2016 marks the 125th anniversary of the completion of Castell Coch.

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