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Disruption on Coryton Interchange expected until June 2014

Junction 32, Cardiff

Update: The works are now expected to continue until August 2014.

Traffic flow improvements are under way on the Coryton Interchange in Tongwynlais. The works are expected to cause some disruption until June 2014. Access to local businesses and residents will remain unaffected.

Traffic Wales, on their website, said: “These essential traffic flow improvement works include the construction of a new dedicated link road to connect the M4 westbound offslip with the northbound A470. As part of the works there will be improvements to the traffic signal system on the gyratory, a new traffic signal junction constructed on the A470 along with resurfacing of the Coryton gyratory. The majority of the construction work for the new link road will be undertaken off the carriageway, between the Coryton gyratory and the A470.”

Traffic Wales also gave details of the expected closures during this period, “M4 Junction 32 westbound offslip lane closures will be undertaken off peak 10.00hrs to 15.30hrs and there will be a limited number of overnight full closures from 20.00hrs to 05.30hrs. Single lane closure on the Coryton gyratory will be undertaken at night between 19.30hrs and 05.30hrs. A470 lane closures both directions will be in place between 19.30hrs and 05.30hrs each night. There are a limited number of overnight full closures of the A470 (both directions) required. During the full closures above, signed diversion routes will be in place and advance notifications will be placed on all affected approaches.”

Junction 32 was recently identified as an accident hotspot.

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6 thoughts on “Disruption on Coryton Interchange expected until June 2014”

  1. the new road makes a huge positive impact on exciting the M4 from the east, the former 2-3 miles queues now gone.

    It also seems to have freed up the traffic around the roundabout – much speeder getting from the Ton onto the M4 heading west. Also the 132/26 flow from Ton to Whitchurch is vastly improved.

    • @Haydn, “the new road makes a huge positive impact on exciting the M4 from the east, the former 2-3 miles queues now gone”…Try 5-6 miles on the A470 heading into Cardiff in the morning. I can see that it improves traffic from the M4, but at a cost to all us folk travelling down from the Valleys to work, who were already experiencing long queues before the work started. Also, these lights changed from green to red FIVE times while I was in the queue on the A470 the other morning. Even when they did turn green, they only let about 2 cars through before going red again. All it’s done is shift the problem elsewhere. It has certainly added yet more time onto my journey.

  2. I’m probably missing something here, so if someone can enlighten me please feel free to correct me! As someone who travels down from Aberdare everyday, the only thing I can see this doing for people traveling from the valleys is increasing our journey time, both into Cardiff and out of Cardiff! I can see the traffic lights where this slip road will join the A470, but this is yet an other set of lights people travelling from my area will have to put up with! So, from my point of view this will only increase travelling time for people travelling from the valley. If I’m wrong, please enlighten me on how this is going to work.

    • It isn’t going to work, the problem isn’t the m4/a470 junction it’s going into Cardiff! Stupid traffic lights!

  3. No problems so far! Should improve the flow at J32. Still think the bus lane south on the A470 (Manor Way along side Whitchurch Golf Course)
    was a total waste of money. Only seen a bus there once! Hopefully homework has been done this time!


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