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Mountain View Ranch

Totem pole

Taking advantage of a beautiful crisp winter’s day, we took a short ride up through Fforest Fawr to visit Mountain View Ranch.

We started in the Adventure Play, where the kids enjoyed the swings, slides and zip wire. The equipment has a wild west theme and the play area is watched over by a vibrant totem pole. We felt the play area could do with a dedicated area for smaller children but they had great fun and there’s plenty of room. Perhaps more equipment for older children could be installed on the grassy area?

For those with older children, there are high ropes and Segway tours for an additional cost.

The canteen is a generous size and the chunky benches are perfect for squeezing in groups of kids. It’s really cosy and there are areas to relax and for kids to read. The menu is quite small but we all found something to eat and the food was served quickly for hungry and impatient children.

After lunch we took a “Ranch Walk” and explored the forests that surround the site. First up was “Fox Forest”, where we examined the fox holes and smelled the wild garlic. A little further on we discovered “Fairy Forest” and the kids we very excited to see evidence of some actual fairies!

We raced back to the canteen after promises were made about cakes and ended the day with a drink and well deserved snack.

Find out more about Mountain View Ranch on their website and Facebook page. You can also keep up to date via Twitter.



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