Postcards from Tongwynlais – Part 13

Old postcard showing Tongwynlais, the Glamorganshire Canal and Castell Coch

Welcome to a brand new instalment of my long running “Postcards from Tongwynlais” series. I’ve got a classic view of Castell Coch overlooking the village and Glamorganshire Canal for you to enjoy. Follow @mytongwynlais The postcard publisher is “T. H. S. & Co. – B”. I’ve done some research and I believe this is T … more…

Pixel Art Tongwynlais

Pixel art illustration of The Lewis Arms

Pixel art describes a technique for creating digital illustrations at the individual pixel level. This type of art was the result of low resolution displays in early videogame systems. Today, our phone and computer displays have millions of pixels. Despite this, the art form is very popular and the “retro” videogame look is used in … more…

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To Weston on the Waverley

Group of people in the early 20th century on a trip to Weston by paddle steamer

Reader John Summerfield got in touch to share this photo of a group enjoying a trip to Weston-Super-Mare on the Waverley paddle steamer. John believes most of the group were from Tongwynlais or nearby and that the photo was taken around 1919. The Waverley was a paddle steamer that cruised the Bristol Channel. It looks … more…