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Pixel Art Tongwynlais

Pixel art illustration of The Lewis Arms

Pixel art describes a technique for creating digital illustrations at the individual pixel level. This type of art was the result of low resolution displays in early videogame systems. Today, our phone and computer displays have millions of pixels. Despite this, the art form is very popular and the “retro” videogame look is used in … more…

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The Lewis Arms Heraldry

The Lewis Arms pub sign

I was looking for a project to work on over the summer and decided it might be interesting to research and illustrate the Lewis Arms sign. The motto “Ofner Na Ofne Angau” means “Fear Him Who Fears Not Death”. According to Burke’s Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry, this was attributed to Gwaethvoed … more…

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Wonky Cardiff by Jon Durrant

I recently stumbled across an image of Castell Coch that I instantly fell in love with. It turns out the artwork was produced by local artist Jon Durrant and is part of his Wonky Cardiff Project. I got in touch with Jon to purchase a print and to find out more about it. About Jon … more…

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