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North Cardiff Trails

View of the Taff Valley

I spend a lot time enjoying the local trails, either walking, running or cycling. I was interested to see a new group form earlier this year with the aim of improving the mountain bike trails in the area. North Cardiff Trails are planning to work with land owners, local riders, businesses and trail users to … more…

In Proud and Honoured Memory

A selection of medals

Ceri Stennett has been researching the history of the World Wars and collating information about those who served. He wrote “Fallen Heroes of the Great War: In Proud and Honoured Memory” with Gwyn Prescott in 2018. He followed this up in 2021 with “Fallen Heroes of World War II: In Proud and Honoured Memory”. Ceri … more…

The Lady in Grey

Composite image of a female figure in an old dining room

A MYSTERIOUS GHOST AT GREENMEADOW Mrs. Lewis Felt Its Arm Round Her Waist, and Other Members of the Family Have Seen It. BY “GWEN.” It is hard to believe that a ghost, real and genuine, would venture in these cold prosaic days to haunt an old country house within a few miles of practical go-ahead … more…