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Cardiff in Pixels – Part 1

Collage of pixel art illustrations of buildings in Cardiff

I’ve really enjoyed creating pixel art illustrations of buildings in Tongwynlais. I couldn’t resist attempting some of the larger landmarks in our capital city. This was a really enjoyable project and posed some challenges with the larger buildings. I really hope you enjoy them. The Pierhead Insole Court Cardiff Castle City Hall Norwegian Church Principality … more…

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Pixel Art Tongwynlais – Part 3

Collage of pixel art illustrations of buildings in Tongwynlais

Pixel art describes a technique for creating digital illustrations at the individual pixel level. This type of art was the result of low resolution displays in early videogame systems. Today, our phone and computer displays have millions of pixels. Despite this, the art form is very popular and the “retro” videogame look is used in … more…

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Postcards from Tongwynlais – Part 17

Black and white postcard of Tongwynlais from 1907.

This instalment of “Postcards from Tongwynlais” features a wonderful photo of the village looking north towards the Taff Valley. It shows the Walnut Tree Viaduct and the old school building on Ironbridge Road. The postcard was produced by “Hardings’ (Bristol & Cardiff)” and part of their “Progress Series”. I’ve got a few other cards by … more…