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Fireworks at Greenmeadow

Greenmeadow House in Tongwynlais from 1910

This news story was published on 13th March 1863 in The Cardiff Times. The village celebrated the wedding of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, and Princess Alexandra of Denmark. Here an interesting seen was presented on the 10th inst., in honour of the marriage of the Prince of Wales. The members of the Sunday School … more…

Villa Cardiff – Part 1

Collection of Cardiff coat of arms

This post was inspired by an article from John&Jane that explored the design of a modern flag for Cardiff. One image jumped out at me because I’d seen it before and not given it much thought. I’m going to explore the use of these arms, show examples of different variations and try to determine when … more…

Postcards from Tongwynlais – Part 16

Old postcard with aerial photo of Castell Coch and Tongwynlais village

I have another fantastic image from Tempest Postcards by Terence Soames. This card features an aerial photo of Castell Coch overlooking the village. It wasn’t posted so I had to do some more detective work. Terence Soames worked for Tempest in the 1950s and H. Tempest Ltd moved from Nottingham to Cornwall around this time. … more…