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Memories of Bridge House

Map of Tongwynlais 1937-61

Several houses on the north-west end of Merthyr Road were demolished in 1968 for the construction of the A470. A reader has very kindly sent me a photo of one of these houses and some information about their history. There were six terraced houses on the other side of Birth Hill, shown in the image … more…

Postcards from Tongwynlais – Part 14

Postcard of Tongwynlais village with Castell Coch in the distance

Have you been longing for another instalment of “Postcards from Tongwynlais“? If you have, you’ll be delighted with this fantastic photo of the village that features a rare glimpse of the old school building. I’ve cleaned up the image to remove some blemishes but it’s a remarkably good photo of the village. It’s such a … more…

The Bridge Keeper’s Lodge

Bridge keeper's lodge May 2021

If you’ve walked down Ironbridge Road recently, you may have noticed that the hedge and undergrowth have been cleared as you approach the bridge. The brickwork and tiles that have been exposed belong to the bridge keeper’s lodge, also known as the Toll House, that once stood there. The only photo of the building that … more…