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Details of the New A470 Link Road on Coryton

Coryton A470 link road

Traffic Wales have kindly sent us some more details and a map of the current works on Coryton roundabout.

As you can see in the image above, there will be a new link road connecting the westbound offslip of the M4 to the northbound A470. Traffic Wales told us, “this will remove approximately 60% of the traffic, which currently leaves the westbound offslip and travels around the gyratory to join the A470 north of Coryton interchange.”

Yellow box markings will be added at both ends of the new road and the current traffic signal system will also be “upgraded and reconfigured to suit the new traffic flows.”

Traffic Wales will post further updates on their website.



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2 thoughts on “Details of the New A470 Link Road on Coryton”

  1. Thanks for the info. My concerns about this has been escalated to the Welsh Assembly Government for the Transport Minister to comment on, as I feel the A470, which is already a nightmare for people travelling to and from work from the valleys will become even more grid locked with this extra set of traffic lights. I know this will never happen due to cost and geographic issues, but really the A470 needs to be a motorway now….that’s how much more traffic is travelling down from the valleys in order to earn a living, due to lack of jobs in the valleys. If only there was more work in the valleys, then maybe the traffic problems would ease a little.

  2. Since when did yellow boxes mean anything to most drivers and you can bet your last penny that it won’t be policed


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