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Welcome to Our Cardiff North 2015 General Election Page

Cardiff North Map

Cardiff North is set to be a key marginal seat in next year’s general election. We’ve put together a dedicated page where you can follow all the news and views.

We’re using a service called Rebel Mouse that allows us to bring together tweets and news from all the parliamentary candidates, news outlets and from you.

Use the hashtag #cardiffnorth2015 to share your views via Twitter.

The following parties have put forward candidates (in alphabetical order):

We hope this page will be useful to all residents of Cardiff North. In the upcoming weeks we’ll be asking you what you think and quizzing the candidates.

You can contact us in the usual ways or via the dedicated Twitter account. has no political affiliation and will treat all parties and candidates equally. You may notice more tweets from a particular candidate; this simply reflects the amount they tweet. We do not curate or edit these tweets. We will also add relevant news from national news outlets.



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