Bluebells and Bridges


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I’ve been out with my camera over the last few weeks, capturing some beautiful views and exploring the work going on over in Morganstown.

I post a lot of my photos on Instagram but rarely include them on the blog unless they coincide with an article.

This type of post may become more regular if I have interesting photos to share.

Bluebells in Greenmeadow Wood

Bluebells in woodland with footpath

I was lucky to take a walk through Greenmeadow Wood on a sunny day when the bluebells were out. I don’t always have the ability to be in the right place at the right time for the perfect photo but I was lucky with this walk.

It was a gorgeous spring day and I had the wood all to myself. The carpets of bluebells spread out in every direction.

Bluebells in woodland

New Gelynis Bridge

The volume of trains in the area is expected to double with the development of the South Wales Metro.

A new railway bridge in Morganstown opened this weekend to reduce the level crossing risk.

The project includes the creation of a temporary compound to improve the efficiency of the work.

source – | Transport for Wales

The new railway bridge in Morganstown

This aerial photo was published by Transport for Wales and shows the whole area.

Aerial view of Gelynis Farm and the railway bridge in Morganstown

I took a walk over on Saturday 6 May and grabbed a few photos. There were quite a few people out enjoying the new views and checking out the bridge.

View over the railway line in Morganstown looking towards Castell Coch

View from the Iron Bridge

This is a recent photo I took from Iron Bridge. Visit for more photos of this view.

Dramatic orange clouds over Castell Coch and the River Taff



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