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Jingle Jangle Jungle

Jingle Jangle Jungle tiger

Puppet show at the Village Hall

Puppet Theatre Wales are putting on a puppet show called “Jingle Jangle Jungle” at the Village Hall on Saturday 23rd November.

“The Jingle Jangle Jungle is full of Jingle Jangle creatures who all love to jingle jangle. However, when Tiger arrives, after his long journey all the way from India, to visit his African cousin King Lion, the creatures of the Jingle Jangle Jungle begin to feel uneasy. Gossip leads to rumour and rumour leads to lies…..and oh dear……the annual gathering and celebration of friendship (The Great Jingle Jangle of the Year) is threatened! Something must be done….and quickly!”

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Tickets can be purchased in advance from Amelia Thomas, 19 Queen Street, or Jane Wood, 20 Castle Coch View.



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2 thoughts on “Jingle Jangle Jungle”

  1. Due to a fantastic turnout we made enough to cover the hall hire and puppet lady’s fees, as well as making enough to send £70 to the Phillipines Typhoon appeal. Thanks to everybody who came out to support. Had feedback that it could have been a bit earlier in the day, so if we do it again would start at 3 or 4pm instead. Thanks again x


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