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Cardiff North 2015: Questions for Ruth Osner

Ruth Osner

Ruth is the parliamentary candidate for the Green Party.

Transport and the environment are key issues in Cardiff North. How would you balance the need for more housing, with the protection of the green belt and improving transport links?

We need to bring empty properties back into public use and decontaminate and build on brownfield sites not on green belt. Create natural wild flower corridors for plants, animals, birds and bees. With areas for people walk amongst nature and enjoy keeping fit. Refill Llanishen reservoir for wildlife and people’s leisure.

Improve existing public transport services, for bus and rail, to reduce traffic on the roads. Connect cycling lanes and off road cycling paths to insure safety for cyclists and walkers.

Housing needs to be build in conjunction with promotion of employment opportunities. We need to include all types of infrastructure and transport links build a proper community, including libraries, schools medical centres, sport and community centres.

What would you do to support and promote local businesses and community groups in Cardiff North?

We need to give people more incentives to start local businesses, by reducing businesses rates for small business. Offering lower VAT for small businesses start-ups who put environmental schemes in place such as better insulation and recyclable packaging. Encourage local businesses to fulfil the community needs so local people can use local shops. I don’t want to promote large retail businesses because only employ low paid workers and the profits go to the shareholders rather than back into the community. I would campaign for a living wage of £10 per hour by 2020.

Community groups provide vital services to North Cardiff and need to be protected, however the third sector of charity provision is unsustainable unless it given adequate funding for a core provision of services. A combination of council, Welsh Assembly and UK Government funding are needed to insure thorough, consistent funding is provided for longer periods to enabling future planning. This will be paid for by a combination of; big business, high earners over £150, 000 and Non-Doms who can all pay proper levels of tax to fund community groups and better public service provision.

If elected, I will campaign for long term funding for community groups like Llanishen Good Neighbours and youth services, so they can plan for providing vital services needed for people right across North Cardiff.

Will you commit to responding to all constituents’ queries in a timely fashion? How will you keep residents informed about the work you’re doing?

If elected, I will have a local office in Cardiff North where constituents can discuss important issues with me. I would owe it local people to provide a timely response and would have a small team of workers and an apprenticeship for a young person in the office to help with prompt replies.

I would have a website, use social media, reports in the local papers and public meetings. Notice boards would be displayed in the Libraries which I would campaign to keep open and stay open!

If you could introduce a Private Members’ Bill to Parliament for something you’re passionate about, what would it be?

We need invest in local renewable energy projects. My private Members’ Bill is to promote local sustainability initiatives, to provide cheaper energy, local employment and apprenticeships for young people. Owned and run by local people. Offering advise on how to insulate your home, save energy and reduce household bills.

We’ve also asked the candidates some questions to find out more about them as people.

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