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Changes to Recycling Rules Come Into Force in Two Weeks

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The City of Cardiff Council are introducing new recycling rules on Monday the 27th of July.

The biggest change we are likely to see in the village is the change from 240L to 140L black bins. This is aimed at increasing the amount of waste we recycle. Registered ‘larger’ families will be able to keep their 240L bins.

Councillor Bob Derbyshire, Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “The Council’s recycling rate is currently projected to hit 53 percent, but the Welsh Government has set a statutory recycling target of 58 percent by the end of 2015/16. For each 1% missed the Council can be fined £400,000. Therefore an increase of at least 5 percent is needed now to meet this requirement. The 2019/20 target is 64 percent and rises to 70 percent in 2025 so progress must continue.”

You can check your collection dates and if you’ll be using the new black bin on the council’s website.

View this document on the council’s website.


For more information, you can contact the council or give your feedback using the #70%by2025 hashtag.

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