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Social Media Roundup – June 2016

Social Media Roundup June 2016 header

June has come and gone. What did you miss? Let’s take a look…

Our #TongwynlICE campaign continues. Where are all the ice cream vans?

Ponies from Maggie’s Voice were at the School Fayre.

The RWCMD performed “Shelley and the Ratman” at Castell Coch.

It was rather wet today, but we did it! Final day of #shelleyandtheratman #techlife #viewfromthedesk #puppetry

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Packed audience for #puppetry2016 today, despite the rain. Well done everyone for keeping spirits high!

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We attended the PACT meeting. You can read our live tweets to see what was discussed.

The Bike Shed opened this week.

Residents carried out a “Big Litter Pick” at the Sunset Fayre.

The weather wasn’t too bad for the Sunset Fayre. Everyone had a great time.

plan2ride’s first “King of the Hill” event was really successful.

And finally, our regular “Gale’s Corner”.



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