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The Ghosts of Castell Coch

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Castell Coch is famous for its ghost stories, but how many do you know? Here are two tales that might make you think about visiting the castle after dark again…

Ghosts of Castell Coch

These stories feature in the book “Turn of the Century Ton” by Roger Brown, published in 1982. The treasure in “The Castle Eagles” is believed to have belonged to Ivor Bach, who – according to Edgar Chappell in his 1945 book “Old Whitchurch” – had two of his henchmen changed into eagles. They were to guard the treasure and to live on the birds and the animals in the forest until he returned. If their wild cries meant to keep away the robbers, others suggested that they represented their clamour to be transformed to human form again.



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  1. We used to play up the castle as children in the 60’s 70’s, and many a strange thing was seen and heard. Bryan Jones used to live in Green meadow Drive. Aged 67. Scary but good times.


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