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Paintings of Castell Coch – Part 2

The original article, Paintings of Castell Coch, was very well received so we decided to find some more great pieces. We hope you like them.


"Castell Coch" by Jam35
“Castell Coch” by Jam35

Title – Castell Coch
Medium – Acrylic
Dimensions – 60cm x 80cm

Prints are available.

Contact Jam35 on Facebook | Twitter.

Christopher Langley

"Castle Coch" by Christopher Langley
“Castle Coch” by Christopher Langley

Title – Castle Coch
Medium – Digital
Dimensions – 23 x 16″

You can buy a print of this painting on Christopher’s site.

Castell Coch by Christopher Langley
Castell Coch by Christopher Langley

Contact Christopher on his site.

Howard Jones

"Castell Coch" by Howard Jones
“Castell Coch” by Howard Jones. Copyright Howard Jones (

Title – Castell Coch
Medium – Watercolour
Dimensions – 20 x 13″

You can buy a print of this painting on Howard’s site.

Contact Howard on his site | Twitter.

Thanks to all the artists who agreed to be featured in this article.



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