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One Year On: Looking Back


I launched this site a year ago to: “Promote the village and give it a voice”. I’m not an activist or a journalist. I just want to celebrate a great community and a great village.

Looking back at the first year, I’m pleased with how things have gone. It’s given me the opportunity to meet people in the village that I might not have met otherwise. It’s also given me a surprising interest in local government and the way it works.

The most satisfying moment was seeing how many people supported and turned up for the community litter pick. It was a great event and exceeded what we hoped to achieve.

The biggest challenge by far has been generating interest, building the online community and producing content that people find interesting. I have to thank everyone on Facebook and Twitter that have liked an update, retweeted a Tweet, made a comment or shared a story.

Thanks again to everyone who’s contributed to the community, shared a post or read an article. I hope you keep enjoying the site.



Jack is the editor of and

1 thought on “One Year On: Looking Back”

  1. Well done on creating a fantastic portal for Ton. It’s great that the village has a web-savvy champion and a useful presence on the internet


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