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Old Photos of Tongwynlais

Steve Nicholas has researched the people and places of Whitchurch and Llandaff North.

He’s shared some great photos of Tongwynlais.

Do you have any memories or stories about the village? If you have any photos of the village that you think people would find interesting, please contact us or email them.

Thanks to Steve for allowing us to republish the photos.



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4 thoughts on “Old Photos of Tongwynlais”

  1. Hi parents spent the war years in Cardiff and became very friendly with Arthur and Dalcy Craddock(i think thats the spelling ) who lived in Ivy cottage in Tongwinlais . we last visited in 1967 when they were still living there . I will be visiting Cardiff on a family reminisce in early January 2016 …Is the cottage still there ..would love to visit and meet any Craddock family still around .

  2. why not try to gather all those pictures and set up a permanent exhibition in The Tanyard that could be seen by tourists that come to visit Castle Coch?


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