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Cardiff Hyperlocals

I feel the need to explain the title of this article as most people I ask haven’t heard the term “hyperlocal” before. According to Wikipedia, hyperlocal is: “online news or content services pertaining to a town, village, single postcode or other small, geographically defined community”.

Not all community websites describe themselves as a “hyperlocal”, but most fit the description above. The sites featured below are all “Cardiff hyperlocals” as they focus on specific areas of Cardiff and the communities within.

I want to highlight these sites as they do great work celebrating and informing their communities and you might not have heard of them before.

My Whitchurch

My Whitchurch logo

My Whitchurch was created by Matthew Lock back in 2005 and won “Best Community Blog” at the first ever Wales Blog Awards. Matthew is the manager of the Whitchurch Community Centre and is involved with lots of local organisations.

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Radyr & Morganstown

Radyr & Morganstown is run and managed by an independent team of volunteers with the technical support of Dark Green Media who created the new site in 2010.

Rhiwbina Info

Rhiwbina Info logo

Rhiwbina Info is a new site run by Weltch Media, an award-winning Rhiwbina-based communications consultancy. They took the site over from a local couple who founded “Rhiwbina Local”. The site contains lots of information about the area including event listings, business directory and gallery.

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Roath Cardiff

Roath Cardiff logo

Roath Cardiff has been around since 2011 and is run by volunteers who are interested in the local area. They organise several projects and run a social media surgery to help individuals, organisations and community groups use tools like Twitter and Facebook to their full potential.

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There are lots of other sites in Cardiff that I hope to feature in future articles.



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