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Cardiff North 2015: Questions for Ethan Wilkinson

Ethan Wilkinson

Ethan is the parliamentary candidate for UKIP.

Transport and the environment are key issues in Cardiff North. How would you balance the need for more housing, with the protection of the green belt and improving transport links?

Short-term we need to have a regional plan: why do all of the new houses need to be built and the jobs created in the city of Cardiff? We need to expand outwards. Long-term we need to understand that we have a housing crisis all across the UK. There aren’t enough houses because there are too many people. The only way that we can protect our green belt is by having a brownfield revolution. I would like to see the implementation of the metro system, a bike-sharing scheme and the electrification of the Cardiff and Valleys lines.

What would you do to support and promote local businesses and community groups in Cardiff North?

UKIP will offer a 20% rates relief on business premises with a rateable value up to £50,000, covering 90% of businesses across the UK. UKIP will encourage Cardiff City Council to offer at least 30 minutes free parking in our local communities across Cardiff North to encourage local trade. I would like to see more central funding contracts available for community groups so they can continue to perform their vital role in society.

Will you commit to responding to all constituents’ queries in a timely fashion? How will you keep residents informed about the work you’re doing?

Absolutely. I will regularly update my blog, Twitter feed, Facebook page, produce regular newsletters and hold a surgery in the constituency at least once a week.

If you could introduce a Private Members’ Bill to Parliament for something you’re passionate about, what would it be?

I am very passionate about learning foreign languages. I think it’s a disgrace that it’s no longer compulsory to learn a language at GCSE and I would introduce a Private Members’ Bill to give MFL a permanent position in the national curriculum, from when a child starts school until they leave.

We’ve also asked the candidates some questions to find out more about them as people.

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