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We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new shop! Have you ever wanted to look cool on the beach with a Ton t-shirt, or impress the boss with a “Tony Wine Glass” mug? Well, now’s your chance.

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Are we doing this to make a fortune and retire to a private island? Er, no! Are we doing this to raise money for local causes and to keep the site afloat? That’s a yes.

Your purchase could go towards the village hall committee, who are desperate to raise money to fix the roof. It could help out the school with their fundraising. We could also do with some funds to help promote the site and add new features.

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The shop is built on Cotton Cart’s platform so all sales and support is provided by them. All we do is supply the designs. We receive approximately 25% of the sale price so a t-shirt that sells for £14.99 makes us £3.54.

men at the beach

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