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All the Information You Need to Know about the Assembly Election

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We’ve been working hard on a new site to cover the upcoming Assembly election. My Cardiff North is a simple, clear and impartial resource for news and views from – and about – our representatives.

Here’s what you need to know.

When is the election?

The election is on Thursday 5th May.

How do you register to vote?

Take a look at the official Wales 2016 site for all the information you need.

What are we voting for?

What does the Assembly do?

The Assembly is responsible for 21 key areas of Welsh life.

Who are we voting for?

You will have two votes: The constituency vote and the electoral region vote. This video explains it all.

Who are the constituency candidates?

We have a full list over at My Cardiff North.

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What have the candidates said?

The candidates have been offered the chance to write for site and tell us why we should vote for them. Some have only just been announced so subscribe to the blog for more articles to come.

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The official Wales 2016 website has some fantastic information about the election.

If you’re a keen Twitter user, the official hashtags are #Wales2016 and #Cymru2016. We’ve created a live dashboard of tweets from – and about – the candidates. You can also find them on our Twitter list.

The Senedd building

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