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Public Meeting to Discuss the Larch Disease in Fforest Fawr

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Natural Resources Wales, Anna McMorrin MP and County Councillors held a meeting on Monday 9th October to discuss the plans to fell infected larch trees in Fforest Fawr.

There were over 70 people from in and around the village who came to hear Natural Resources Wales (NRW) discuss the process for dealing with the removal of thousands of infected trees.

Maps were available to view that showed the distribution and proportion of larch trees in the woodland. I’ve done my best to recreate the map below so you can see where the work will be taking place.

I visited the forest with Martyn Evans from NRW a few weeks ago and he explained the process in detail.

NRW staff sat with residents, business owners and forest users to explain how the work will be carried out, their plans to help the forest regenerate and took questions. There were lots of questions about why replanting wasn’t the preferred option and what affect the work will have on the village and surrounding areas. Many people were concerned that the disease will decimate the forest for generations.

John Hogg, Head of South Central Wales Operations, reassured the room that NRW want the forest to thrive and that they’ll be monitoring the work and development of the forest in the coming years.

John Hogg is going to keep in touch and send me updates on the project to share with residents and visitors to the forest.

We Tweeted all evening so take a look at our Twitter feed for what went on.



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