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After five minutes sitting down to interview Michelle Wilmott, I realised I was the one chatting away. The reason for this became clear when I got to know the owner of “bu spa & well-being” a bit more.

Michelle launched her first spa after years of working in the spa and leisure industry. After training as a therapist in Barry College, Michelle began her career working on cruise liners, quickly becoming a manager and eventually setting up spas in the Bahamas and Hong Kong. On returning to Wales, Michelle’s experience led her into senior positions at St David’s and Mercure hotels.

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With a raft of experience, Michelle used her business knowledge to help other salons. During this time the opportunity to take over the spa facilities at the Holiday Inn arose. The salon she was working with wasn’t ready to expand but Michelle took this chance to run her own spa.

The name “bu” was created with the help of her son. It stands for “be yourself” or more specifically, “be the best version of you”. Michelle is passionate about corporate well-being and has experienced burnout herself. Another avenue she’s exploring is offering treatments at work for people who find it hard making time to visit a spa.

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The spa was opened in July 2017 and Michelle was the only therapist. She enjoyed the opportunity to carry out treatments herself but knew that in order to develop the business she’d need help. Emily joined the team in January and has 15 years of experience.

The reason why Michelle became the interviewer is clear when she tells me about her other job as a radio presenter. Michelle hosts a show on Radio Cardiff called “Making the Diff“.

“Each week I invite amazing women who are really ‘Making The Difference’ in their communities, countries, industries and more to share their stories of how they are #MakingTheDiff.”

The entrepreneur is keen to use her knowledge and experience to help others. She ran a business club in Monmouthshire that helped women develop themselves and their businesses.

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Michelle invited a member of our Facebook community to have a treatment. This is what Debra thought:

“I was very pleased to have won the draw for a complimentary hot stones massage at bu spa & well-being, Holiday Inn. I really needed to relax! I was shown to the treatment room by Emily, the lovely beauty therapist. The room is private, peaceful, and very clean. Emily gave me some personal time to prepare myself and make myself comfortable on the massage table, and then talked to me quietly while she prepared the oils and stones, before beginning the treatment.

The feeling of the warm, smooth stones and oil on my back was very soothing, and Emily was able to work out the knots of tension that I didn’t even know were in my shoulders. After the treatment Emily advised me to get up slowly and to drink the water she had provided to rehydrate me, and then left the room for me to prepare myself for the outside world again. This was a lovely, calming experience, provided by an experienced, pleasant therapist, in perfect surroundings. Thank you!”

Michelle is working with the hotel to offer packages that include dining and treatments. The upcoming bu cleanse & revive spa day is designed to kick start your body detox to help limit the impact of toxin overload.

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