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Upcoming Events at Castell Coch

Castell Coch in distance

Cadw have posted information about several new events taking place at Castell Coch over the next few months.

Film Nights

1st and 2nd of February

Chapter Arts and Darkened rooms are showing several films in the unique setting of Castell Coch.

For youngsters and teens they have Tangled (PG) and Edward Scissorhands (12) at 5:00pm. For adults they have a series called “Chapter Goes Dark“. Classic horror films including Nosferatu (PG) and Bride of Frankenstein (PG) are later at 7:30pm.

Saturday 1st February 5:00pm – Tangled (PG) £6.00 [book]
Saturday 1st February 7:30pm – Nosferatu (PG) £12.00/£10.00 [book]
Sunday 2nd February 5:00pm – Edward Scissorhands (12) £6.00 [book]
Sunday 2nd February 7:30pm – Bride of Frankenstein (PG) £12.00/£10.00 [book]

National Storytelling Week

2nd of February

National Storytelling Week is a celebration of Wales’ oral traditions. Listen to stories based on historical characters, legends and myths from across Wales. Drop in to listen to a story based on Welsh culture and heritage.

The Mabinogion

15th of February

Celtic Learners will focus on four stories from this important and engaging Welsh collection. They will discuss the literary content and what it can tell us about the Celts.

Visit Cadw for pricing and details.

More Fairytales!

15th of March

Celtic Learners discuss the real history behind our modern sanitised versions. This class is not for the faint hearted!

Visit Cadw for pricing and details.

Get Ready for Mothering Sunday

29th of March

Teacup Posies: Make your own paper flower gift for Mother’s Day.

Visit Cadw for pricing and details.

Easter Egg Painting

20th of April

Create your very own magical Easter Egg.

Visit Cadw for pricing and details.



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