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Cardiff North 2015: Shaun Jenkins – Alter Change

Shaun Jenkins

We asked all the Cardiff North candidates to tell us who they are and why they’re standing for election.

Who are you?

I’m Shaun. I’m 27 and live in Thornhill with my fiancée Tabitha and son Zachary. I’ve lived in Cardiff North my whole life and I’m determined to make it an even better place to live. Since 2010 I’ve been working on building Alter Change in to a political party capable of re-inventing politics and we’ve grown in to a party with 71 policies and real potential to make an impact in politics. I grew up on a Council Estate and saw first-hand what happens when families are frail, young people aren’t given opportunities and politicians fail to tackle the real issues we all face. Just like so many of us I’ve seen the effects of social mobility collapsing and politicians refusing to even acknowledge the issues that matter most to us. I formed Alter Change because I believe politics should be about making people’s lives better. If I think about the policies that have made a real positive difference to my life, I’m left scratching my head. I believe politics is neither ambitious nor moral enough to make genuine positive change to our lives, and that’s what led me to form my own political party. Away from politics I love spending time with my family; watching Zachary grow-up is the most wonderful thing and brings home the need to ensure that society is so much better for the next generation.

Why are you standing for election?

Because I believe passionately in a better society. I believe in a society where we all have the opportunity to succeed, where every street is safe and every community strong. I believe in ambitious, moral politics that seeks to make our lives better, more secure and happier. My own experiences in life have inspired the policies Alter Change is working tirelessly to introduce. From funding parent and baby groups to fairer taxes, our policies have a genuine potential to make our lives better.
Of course there’s little denying that standing in a marginal seat that’s been dominated by the Tories and Labour for decades is challenging. But it is a challenge I am willing to accept. I believe there are thousands of us ready to vote for a safer, moral better society and in less than 8 weeks, we really could be looking at a very different, better political landscape in Cardiff North. I’m passionate and determined to make Cardiff North a better place to live. I’ll be tackling anti-social behaviour, making sure our schools are the best they can be, campaigning for a Train Station to serve Tongwynlais and for Cardiff Bus to serve the village too. And I hope you will join me.

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