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Cardiff North 2015: Craig Williams – Conservative

Craig Williams

We asked all the Cardiff North candidates to tell us who they are and why they’re standing for election.

Who are you?

I’m Craig Williams, I live in the North of Cardiff with my wife, Clare, and young family. I am a Cardiff City Councillor, Chairman of our City’s Economic Committee, and serve on the board of Cardiff Bus.
I have served the city for close to a decade through roles of school governing bodies to our local community health council. I have a proven record of delivering for Cardiff and raising my young family here I understand local issues and challenges.

Why are you standing for election?

As someone who has served our city for nearly a decade, I understand the great potential of our city and the investment it needs. I have seen David Cameron and his government invest in our railways, broadband and other infrastructure, and I want to continue that good work.
We live in trying financial times and Labour took us to the brink of bankruptcy. Luckily, our long term economic plan is working to balance the books. We need a stable and growing economy to pay for the public services we need. Labour simply don’t get this and I want to prevent the chaos that Ed Miliband and Ed Balls would bring to the UK and Cardiff North.
I have set out “My Plan” for our community after speaking to thousands of residents and it can be found on my website.

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