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Cardiff North 2015: Ruth Osner – Green Party

Ruth Osner

We asked all the Cardiff North candidates to tell us who they are and why they’re standing for election.

Who are you?

I am the Green Party Candidate for Cardiff North where I live with my husband and two teenage children. I have successfully completed the first level of an undergraduate degree in International Studies (Environment) with the Open University, despite suffering from severe dyslexia. In addition to working part time at a local supermarket, I volunteer as a receptionist with a non-profit making organisation, helping people in recovery from drug, alcohol or gambling addictions, and have occasionally volunteered with Llanishen Good Neighbours, shopping for a local housebound resident on my bicycle.

Why are you standing for election?

By representing the people in North Cardiff I am standing up for fairness and equality for all. I am against austerity because it disproportionately affects the most vulnerable in our society. I want to campaign to end tax dodging, to help pay for our public services. I want to end fuel poverty and help people to cut house hold energy bills by insulating their homes and putting up more solar panels on some public buildings. I want to prevent further climate change by reducing fossil fuel use, preventing fracking and constructing more small renewable energy projects like the Radyr hydro-electric dam project.

I want more litter collections in public areas, to help create nicer, cleaner streets and green spaces in Cardiff North, to help communities to plant more trees to break up wind tunnels, provide shade for public seating, replacing smelly diesel buses with cleaner hybrid alternatives and reduce our community carbon footprint.

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