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Tongwynlais and the Cardiff Railway

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South Wales artist Kris Carter has written an interesting history of the Cardiff Railway which ran through Tongwynlais.

There are several articles in the series, starting with the terminus of the line at Rhydfelin Halt. Kris has found some great photos of the old tunnel, which ran underneath the side of the village for about 180 yards. Geoff Atkins very kindly agreed to let us publish his pictures. The tunnel was demolished in the late 1960s to build the A470.

Tongwynlais tunnel
The tunnel in 1969. Picture by Geoff Atkins
Tongwynlais tunnel
The tunnel in 1967. Picture by Geoff Atkins
Tongwynlais tunnel
The tunnel in 1969.

This illustration is from a 1911 postcard showing the Walnut Tree Viaduct in the distance.

Cardiff Railway postcard 1911

Thanks to Kris for his great work and to all the people who shared their photos. You can read the full article over on his blog.

Update: Geoff contacted me to correct some information about the photos.



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