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Tongwynlais Village Then and Now – Part 2

Then and Now part 2 header

We’ve been out and about in the village today, searching for the right vantage point to reproduce old photos.

This is a picture from John Bulpin of the cottages on Market Street. In our attempts to get right angle we were kindly invited into someone’s half-built home to check the view. Unfortunately, a garage was in the way so we eventually borrowed a ladder to get the perfect shot. Thanks to Victor and Rob for their help!

Update: Someone has pointed out that we’ve got the wrong cottage! We weren’t far off, apparently the white cottage is a few doors down behind some large trees.

Old photo of Market Street
Market Street 2016

This next one’s a bit of a cheat as the “old” photo was actually taken two years ago. But I think I’m right in saying that Ivy Cottage on Taff Street has looked like this for many years. The cottage has just been developed into two new houses.

Ivy Cottage 2014
Ivy Cottage 2016

Thanks to John Bulpin for kindly letting us publish his photo.

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