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Gelynis Footbridge to Close for 3 Weeks

Gelynis footbridge closure header

The footbridge by Gelynis Farm will be closed for 3 weeks from the 20th February 2017.

The City of Cardiff Council have sent a letter to residents about the planned works. The construction has been programmed to start on the 20th February 2017, with an anticipated duration of 3 weeks.

The proposed improvement works to be undertaken include:

  • The removal of the existing timber walkway and parapets.
  • The reconstruction of a replacement pedestrian footway system, using GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) which will provide a more durable construction. The walkway will be widened from 0.9 to 1.5m and the parapets will be raised to 1.8m high adjacent to the water main, and 1.4m high to the northern face of the bridge.

The bridge was closed in March 2015 when damage to the walkway was spotted. Temporary repairs were made and a permanent solution was promised when money was available.

Iron Bridge footway closed

We’ve published the official notice below, which has contact details if you have any questions.

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3 thoughts on “Gelynis Footbridge to Close for 3 Weeks”

  1. Works now running late and causing a fair bit of disruption/inconvenience for regular users …. would be good if the council could update us on progress

  2. I can remember the days when planks of wood in the walkway would be missing and you had to step over them! It was a known thing when I was growing up that you had to watch your step when you crossed that bridge!


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