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Local Election Results

Local election results header

The local election votes have been counted and the results announced.

The Conservative candidates were successful and took all four of the available seats. You can read what the candidates said over on My Cardiff North.


Candidate Party Votes %
Mike Phillips Welsh Conservative Party 2905 11% Elected
Tim Davies Welsh Conservative Party 2900 11% Elected
Linda Morgan Welsh Conservative Party 2856 11% Elected
Mike Jones-Pritchard Welsh Conservative Party 2753 10% Elected
Hannah Buckingham Welsh Labour 2700 10% Not elected
Marc Palmer Welsh Labour 2488 9% Not elected
Norman Gettings Welsh Labour 2461 9% Not elected
Maliika Kaaba Welsh Labour 2234 8% Not elected
Mali Rowlands Cardiff Plaid 962 4% Not elected
Dan Allsobrook Cardiff Plaid 951 4% Not elected
Glenys Evans Cardiff Plaid 885 3% Not elected
Julia Burns Cardiff Plaid 856 3% Not elected
Lynne Barrett-Lee Welsh Liberal Democrats 540 2% Not elected
Dominic Eggbeer Welsh Liberal Democrats 516 2% Not elected
Geraldine Nichols Welsh Liberal Democrats 365 1% Not elected
Usman Mahmood Bukhari Welsh Liberal Democrats 312 1% Not elected

Full results are on the Cardiff Council website.


Wales Online were at the count and managed to speak to the successful candidates.

The new councillors have a “six point plan” on their website. The plan includes:

“We will work to see that our roads and footpaths are properly maintained, kept litter free and are safe for pedestrians with a sensibly integrated and safe cycle network.”

“We will continue to work with local schools, seeking to ensure that they receive all the support and equipment they need, to provide the best education possible for your children.”

“We will seek to retain a waste recycling centre in north Cardiff, in Wedal Road, or in another location just as close, for easy access and establish methods to prevent and quickly remove flytipping.”

You can get in touch with the councillors at



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