Postcards from Tongwynlais – Part 14


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Have you been longing for another instalment of “Postcards from Tongwynlais“? If you have, you’ll be delighted with this fantastic photo of the village that features a rare glimpse of the old school building.

I’ve cleaned up the image to remove some blemishes but it’s a remarkably good photo of the village. It’s such a shame that there aren’t more of these.

Postcard of Tongwynlais village with Castell Coch in the distance

The school is labelled #2 in the illustration below. It was located in Old School Court, which is on Wellington Street.

Outline of buildings from a postcard

I believe the building was used as a factory before it was demolished.

Do you know anyone who has a better photo of the old school or memories of attending it?

Close up of the old school building

Other buildings include Castell Coch (8), The Lewis Arms (4), the Village Hall (1) and St Michael’s Church (3). I think #6 is a house at the top of Birch Hill.

The building behind the Village Hall (5) looks like it’s where St Michael’s Close is today. Does anyone know what this was used for? Finally, #7 could be an old building that’s been replaced by the modern extension for the church community hall.

Another interesting thing to note is that the village hall didn’t always have a steeply pitched roof. It’s also shorter than today’s building.

The village hall was officially opened in 1934 by Lady Cory.

Close up of the village hall

The postcard was posted in July 1961 but the photo may be from the 1950s.

Back of a postcard

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2 thoughts on “Postcards from Tongwynlais – Part 14”

  1. Another fascinating insight into the Village Jack. It is always a pleasure to learn more from your research. Also great to capture Carol’s knowledge, so that others will be able to look back at this resource in the future. Thanks for all the hard work.

  2. Hi Jack,
    Buildings 1 and 5 on your postcard are the same building – the Village Hall. The front was built up some years ago but I remember it as it used to be in this picture.
    Building 7 was the old Church Hall which I also remember.
    My mother attended the Wellington Street School as an infant in the 1930s. At that time it was used for the infants and the main school was for juniors. Later it became a factory for metal crafts and later, ribbons and trimmings. My mother worked there in the 1950s.

    Carol Spackman


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