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Old Photos of Tongwynlais – Part 3

Castell Coch
Castell Coch

This month we have a great selection of old photos from John Bulpin.

If you have any memories of these photos or just interesting information, please add a comment below or post on our Facebook page.

Do you have any old photos that you’d like to share? If so, please get in touch.

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5 thoughts on “Old Photos of Tongwynlais – Part 3”

  1. Hi, I currently live here in tongwnlais with my father and Ive shown him the picture above and we’d like to know when this image landscape is dates as our cottage should/is now in the for ground we think. (Queen street) but it’s not visable

  2. I used to live in one of the old cottages, No.13 MARKET STREET “HONEY POT COTTAGE”, which is the last cottage before you now get to the A470.

    Believe it or not but my father, Gareth Roberts reclaimed the lamp post seen and I still have it!

    Darren Roberts


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