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Year in Review – 2016

A Year in Tongwynlais 2016 header

Every year at Ton Towers we like to take a look back at the last 12 months and remind ourselves what we wrote about and how the village has changed. Follow @mytongwynlais It’s been a pretty big year for changes in the village. plan2ride opened in March, followed by the Bike Shed in June. The … more…

A Year in Tongwynlais

A Year in Tongwynlais header

Follow @mytongwynlais As 2015 draws to a close we look back on a year in Tongwynlais. We spent a good portion of the year following the general election candidates and took some time off to redesign the site. But we still managed to bring you breaking news and some interesting stories. Take a look at … more…

Baby Jesus Stones Spotted in Tongwynlais

Baby Jesus stones header

Several stones painted with the image of a baby Jesus have been found throughout Tongwynlais. Follow @mytongwynlais The stones, nestled in a pile of hay, were all found on pavements in plain sight. A reader first spotted one on Monday then I noticed one outside the school on Tuesday morning. Two more have been found … more…