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Baby Jesus Stones Spotted in Tongwynlais

Baby Jesus stones header

Several stones painted with the image of a baby Jesus have been found throughout Tongwynlais.

The stones, nestled in a pile of hay, were all found on pavements in plain sight. A reader first spotted one on Monday then I noticed one outside the school on Tuesday morning. Two more have been found this week on Mill Road and Hermon Hill.

Thanks to everyone who posted photos on our Facebook page.

Some people have taken them home to use as Christmas decorations while some have left them for others to discover.

It looks like this phenomenon started in Cornwall in 2008. The Craven Herald in Skipton, North Yorkshire reported on similar discoveries in 2013.

Let us know if you find one and where it was. You can send us a tweet or post on our Facebook page.

No one’s come forward to claim responsibility for this project and maybe it’ll remain a mystery.



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2 thoughts on “Baby Jesus Stones Spotted in Tongwynlais”

  1. Wow this is fab! What a great reminder to us all that this season is not just about tinsel and glitter, eating too much and shopping till you drop. I love this, we will be keeping our eyes peeled for the treasure!


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