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Pixel art describes a technique for creating digital illustrations at the individual pixel level. This type of art was the result of low resolution displays in early videogame systems. Today, our phone and computer displays have millions of pixels. Despite this, the art form is very popular and the “retro” videogame look is used in many contemporary games.

I’ve been following several pixel artists online and was inspired to have a go myself. I decided to start by attempting an illustration of The Lewis Arms.

Pixel art illustration of The Lewis Arms

I really enjoyed the challenge and was pretty pleased with the result so I did a few more. Each one probably took about 3 hours to produce.

The trickiest detail to draw was the large window in St Michael’s. That definitely took a few attempts before I was happy with it!

I created this illustration of the Keep at Cardiff Castle to celebrate St David’s Day.

If any of the organisations or owners want a copy, please get in touch and I’ll send you a file without the watermark.



Jack is the editor of Tongwynlais.com and CastellCoch.com.

1 thought on “Pixel Art Tongwynlais”

  1. Love them! Pretty sure I was able to identify almost all of them, even thoughts years since I’ve been to Ton! 👏


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