Fireworks at Greenmeadow


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Greenmeadow House in Tongwynlais from 1910

This news story was published on 13th March 1863 in The Cardiff Times. The village celebrated the wedding of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, and Princess Alexandra of Denmark.

Here an interesting seen was presented on the 10th inst., in honour of the marriage of the Prince of Wales. The members of the Sunday School in connection with the Established Church in this place met at their place of worship and went in the procession through the village preceeded by a banner. Most of the children having small flags in the hands and all wearing wedding favours.

They were accompanied by Henry Lewis Esq., the ladies of the family and a gentleman of the neighbourhood. On their return they halted near the centre of the place, sang “Rule Britannia” and the “National Anthem”. The two latter being particularly well done.

They all afterwards repaired to Greenmeadow house, and after enjoying a variety of rustic sports on the lawn, went to the hall and were regaled with tea and cake to their hearts content. At night the classical front of Greenmeadow house was illuminated with variegated lights, the whole producing a most pleasant effect when seen off the road close by.

A fine display of fireworks were let off on the green. The startling cracker, the tortuous squib, and the rapid flight of the rocket, giving unbounded delight to the juveniles, whose acclamation could be heard at a distance – the temporary glare of the fireworks contrasting effectively with the sombre hues of the Greenmeadow firs – the largest in Glamorganshire – planted by those whose affections clung so closely to the Stuarts.

In viewing all this, we could help not help reverting in our mind to the melancholy accident which so effectually deprived our generous entertainer of his sight, but at the same time proving the goodness of his heart in thus going to the expense of procuring so much delight for others, in which he himself could not participate.

From The Cardiff Times – 13 March 1863



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