Postcards from Tongwynlais – Part 7


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Today’s postcard is an aerial shot of the village and surrounding valley. The postcard was produced by Photochrom Co. Ltd. They are based in London and Tunbridge Wells and were established in 1896.

Old postcard showing aerial photo of Tongwynlais

There’s no date or stamp to tell us when it was produced but the existence of the Walnut Tree Viaduct tells us it’s pre 1969.

The photo was originally shot in black and white but it’s been colourised using the “photochrom” process. This produces colourised images from black and white photographic negatives via the direct photographic transfer of a negative onto lithographic printing plates.

The popularity of photochrom postcards fell after World War I and the last photochrom printer was retired in 1970. The image isn’t very detailed so it’s hard to spot any other features that could help us date it.

Rear of postcard



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  1. I would estimate the date as around the early 1940’s, as Cae Lewis is built (1937) and across in Morganstown, Heol Syr Lewis does not appear to be built yet and those houses were built around 1947 I think.


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