Pixel Art Tongwynlais – Part 2


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Pixel art describes a technique for creating digital illustrations at the individual pixel level. This type of art was the result of low resolution displays in early videogame systems. Today, our phone and computer displays have millions of pixels. Despite this, the art form is very popular and the “retro” videogame look is used in many contemporary games.

Pixel art illustration of The Lewis Arms

Pixel Art Tongwynlais – Part 1

Loch Field Cottage

Pixel art illustration of a house name for Loch Field Cottage

Loch Field Cottage was built about 1790 for the canal workers. The tyth map of 1840 lists it as Loch Field Cottages and gardens. It was actually two cottages and would have probably housed about 8 people per cottage. It has some interesting features such as a bee hive bread oven, stone spiral stair case and a rare coffin drop built into the ceiling.

Tongwynlais Historical Society
Pixel art illustration of an old cottage

Ivy House Farm

Pixel art illustration of a metal sign for Ivy House Farm

Ivy House Farm is a 17th century listed building that was once owned by William Price, owner of Pentyrch Ironworks.

The property has recently been renovated after being in a poor state of repair for many years.

Pixel art illustration of an old farmhouse

Greenmeadow House

Greenmeadow House is believed to have been a medieval farmstead and later, a Jacobean farmhouse.

The house was left to ruin and eventually demolished in 1945.

Pixel art illustration of an old country house
Greenmeadow House Map 1837

I’ve been looking into the history of Greenmeadow House recently and I’m working on a detailed piece about the mansion and the Lewis family. In the meantime I thought I’d share these images from a 1910 story in The Cardiff Times and a summary of its history.

Old Ton Inn

I don’t know much about the history of the Old Ton. It’s now a residential property and has been painted blue.

Pixel art illustration of an old pub

If you have any requests for other buildings I could illustrate, please get in touch.



Jack is the editor of Tongwynlais.com and CastellCoch.com.

2 thoughts on “Pixel Art Tongwynlais – Part 2”

  1. When I lived in Ton we would go to the Lewis – then across to the Old Ton and take the piano too – Harry Lippett used to be the pianist.

  2. The Old Ton used to be a very lively place. It was where the younger members of the community would hangout. Those who wouldn’t get served at the Lewis or the Castle (aka the Rugby Club) used to occupy the Old Ton when I first came to the village.

    I recall it would often have bands playing – one or two of them of local youngsters – I remember a former colleaguge of mine, Andrew Saunders, whose parents still live in the village, leading gigs with the band he was in when he was 18 or 19.


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