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Postcards from Tongwynlais – Part 16

Old postcard with aerial photo of Castell Coch and Tongwynlais village

I have another fantastic image from Tempest Postcards by Terence Soames. This card features an aerial photo of Castell Coch overlooking the village. It wasn’t posted so I had to do some more detective work. Terence Soames worked for Tempest in the 1950s and H. Tempest Ltd moved from Nottingham to Cornwall around this time. … more…

Postcards from Tongwynlais – Part 14

Postcard of Tongwynlais village with Castell Coch in the distance

Have you been longing for another instalment of “Postcards from Tongwynlais“? If you have, you’ll be delighted with this fantastic photo of the village that features a rare glimpse of the old school building. I’ve cleaned up the image to remove some blemishes but it’s a remarkably good photo of the village. It’s such a … more…

Postcards from Tongwynlais – Part 13

Old postcard showing Tongwynlais, the Glamorganshire Canal and Castell Coch

Welcome to a brand new instalment of my long running “Postcards from Tongwynlais” series. I’ve got a classic view of Castell Coch overlooking the village and Glamorganshire Canal for you to enjoy. Follow @mytongwynlais The postcard publisher is “T. H. S. & Co. – B”. I’ve done some research and I believe this is T … more…